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As human beings, we are born with a strand in our DNA that automatically cares for others. Family, friends, people we know, and even people we don't know, we have a sense inside that wants to help.

Advances in neuroscience have shown us that the human brain has neural networks that are hard-wired with the ability to share the experiences of others, including emotions and sensations.

Our history

The choice to ignore what was within each of them from birth was no longer an option when two people who had separately traveled domestically and internationally, hundreds of thousands of miles, came together and decided, "We can make a difference".  Edward and Janell Parker founded 4 Humanity Project with one thought in mind, Touching People = Changing Lives and that is precisely the DNA behind 4 Humanity Project.

In March of 2022 the first freshly grilled hamburger found it's way into the hands of a homeless man in Dallas, TX. Just one year later, the vision continues with plans to build a community that will house, train, and equip those who have nothing, be guided a place where they can reach maximum potential - all while continuing to meet the immediate needs of those on the streets and also  provide for the many food insecure families in what seems to be a growing crisis .


This is WHO we are


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